[The following was shared with us by Dennis Lord]


There is a vibrant conversation going on around CPM regarding a Stadium TFR with a ton of confusion.  The bottom line is this.

The stadium held 27,000 seats.  They increased it to 30,000 when the Chargers came to town. That meets the threshold.

If you are flying around to various airports for whatever reason on a Sunday game day at Stub Hub Center, you are highly encouraged to call 800 WXBRIEF and find out if there is a TFR around CPM as it will close all operations there 1 hour before game time until 1 hour after.  Calling the FSS is your “get out of jail” card.

Do NOT rely upon SkyVector or others.  Calling the FSS identifies you tried to be informed.  Mark your calendar for Charger home games through January and potential playoffs.


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