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Work had taken me to Scottsdale AZ (SDL). On Sunday I flew there expecting to work through Wednesday, and return Thursday AM. But work was done by 2 PM Tuesday so why not go home? (I get paid by the hour so I just lost over a day’s pay.) So nice to not have to mess with changes to airline tickets.

It was clear below 12,000 all over AZ and SoCal. There would not be a large routing or altitude penalty for going IFR just to keep the skills sharp so I filed SDL to FUL. SDL does not have any Departure Procedures (DPs) for piston a/c. There is a DP- Obstacle that I expected to get. So I filed SDL BXK (Buckeye) V16 Palm Springs, V388 (via DEWAY), PDZ direct. I was curious if V388 is used going w/b from the desert to the basin. {It is never available going e/b, plan on V 64 and 11,000 (SLI TRM).}

I had 50 gals on board for the 2.5 hour flight and burned 12 g/h getting to SDL at 11,000. That would leave 20 gals upon landing but…what if the forecast headwinds were stronger, or I got weird routing, or I forgot to lean, or lower altitude (more fuel) etc. It would be night for ½ the flight. Getting fuel on the way would mean landing and finding a pump open after 6 PM. I could fill up at SDL, but at $6.60/gal why hit Smoke Eagles with this? I bought ten gals just for added margin.

I also recorded the estimated ground speed from DUATS for BXK to PSP, PSP to PDZ, and PDZ to FUL. If I didn’t see at least these ground speeds on the GPS I would know I’d be using more fuel than planned.

I called SDL clearance expecting the obstacle departure procedure or radar vectors to on course.


“N759UP is cleared to the Fullerton airport. After takeoff right turn to two eight five degrees, intercept the Phoenix three two one radial, proceed northwest bound for radar vectors to the Phoenix two seven zero degree radial, track the Buckeye zero three four degree radial inbound, then as filed, climb and maintain two thousand expect one zero thousand within three minutes, Phoenix departure on 120.7, squawk to be assigned by tower.

Whew! I actually read it back OK!

Once airborne I was vectored about until Luke Approach said, “fly 270 and intercept V16.”

Once at cruise, leaned, trimmed, and autopilot ON, it was time to put the Electric Light Orchestra MP3 on the Intercom, and breakout a granola bar.

Approaching PSP I noticed the GNS 520 now shows the TRSA there. I was handed to SoCal approach E of Palm Springs. “N759UP, I don’t have any weather or airport information at Thermal”. “That’s OK, we flied and plan to land at Fullerton.” (“We” is me and 759UP). “Standby while I get your paperwork from Center.” (I think it’s really electronic.) “N759UP, just to verify are you going V388 to PDZ after PSP?”

“Yes, LA Center is not sharing today huh?” “Doesn’t seem so.”

Saddleback looked great from just W of PSP with the sun setting.

Visual landing at FUL, two more landings and now I’m night current!

N759UP flew great. No problems. The map light at the bottom of the pilot’s yoke is out.

Happy Flying!

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