Written by Peter Hayes in a letter to John Burkecartoon-biplane

When I joined the club in January of 1958 we had a  Cessna 120 (it wasn’t a 140….the 120 didn’t have flaps) N1700V (don’t know the year), together with a Piper Tri-Pacer which I never flew. I’m afraid I don’t know its number or anything else about it, except they told me it didn’t have enough power to get out of its own way!

We traded the Tri-Pacer in about a month later for a 172 N5830A.. Don’t know the year.

Somewhere around April of 1961 we acquired an additional 172 N57209A. Don’t know the year of that either.

In February of 1961 we apparently traded both 172’s for a 230HP Cessna 182 N2220G.

In June of 1965 we added a Cessna 172 N8061X to the fleet.

Somewhere in the second half of 1967 1700V disappears from the record.

In November of 1968 a Cessna 150  N7086F appears and apparently lasts until either very late in 1971 or sometime in 1972. (I didn’t fly at all in 1972 for some reason).

When I next flew in January of 1973 it was to check out in a recently acquired 182  N2355X, for which we probably traded in 2220G, since it doesn’t show up again.

In November of 1974 it appears we dumped 8061X and acquired a newer 172  N7425G.

Somewhere in the first half of 1979 N2355X was apparently sent on its merry way and was replaced by another Cessna 182 N21495. The latter disappears from my record sometime in late 1983 or in 1984 (I didn’t fly in 1984…at least not in a club aircraft).

In April of 1985 a 182 759UP appears in my log for the first time, apparently a replacement for N21495. From then on we had a 172  N7425G and a 182 N759UP until I went inactive in 1995.  Unless I’m way behind that is the status today as far as I know.

This is probably way more than you wanted to know but I hope you can use at least some of it.

I’ll have to try and think of a memorable flight…I never really strayed far from home actually.

I think I did make it as far as Salinas once but I don’t know that it was particularly memorable.

I remember you trucked all the way across country once …..in a 172 I believe.



We lost N759UP to a landing accident at Big Bear Airport (L35) in late 2013. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. With the insurance money we purchased a slightly older, but lesser-hour C-182P N9910E in March 2014.

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