A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is a document issued by the Federal Aviation Administration approving a product (aircraft, engine, or propeller) modification. The STC defines the product design change, states how the modification affects the existing type design, and lists serial number effectivity. It also identifies the certification basis listing specific regulatory compliance for the design change. Information contained in the certification basis is helpful for those applicants proposing subsequent product modifications and evaluating certification basis compatibility with other STC modifications.

This database is a repository of approved STCs. Within each view, you can sort many of the columns by clicking on the double arrow to the right of the column heading. You can find a copy of the STC certificate under the section titled Full Text of STC. If a full text STC document is not listed, contact the responsible Aircraft Certification Office to request a copy.

The data contained in this website including the attached STC certificate is for information only. Possession of the STC document does not constitute rights to the design data or installation of the modification. The STC and its supporting data (drawings, instructions, specifications, etc.) are the property of the STC holder. You must contact the STC holder to obtain rights for the use of the STC.

Supplemental Type Certificates

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