(As posted by Ray Stratton): While eating at the airport (KPOC) I noticed a taxiway marking I had not seen before. It’s on Echo south of 26L. Here it is from overhead (Google earth). A single dashed line. Not a runway holding line. Not the edge of the movement area. Not the edge of the taxiway. Why is it there and what am I supposed to do with it?

KPOC Taxiway Echo markings

It sent me to the books. Click the photo for the answer.

(Additional information provided by Pete Loncteaux via Dennis Lord)
Gentlemen, some of you are aware that I sit on the LA County Aviation Commission and Brackett is one of our five airfields. When Ray posed this question, I forwarded it along to our Airport Manager Pete Loncteaux for comment. In the interest of pilot education, his reply is below.

Also, while the identifier is KPOC, the airport is physically located in the City of La Verne. Pomona is across the street to the East.


From: Loncteaux, Pete
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 9:20 AM
Subject: FW: Unusual taxi marking at Pomona


Good morning.

The dashed line in question is used to advise pilots exiting the runway to hold short due to wing clearance issues caused by the close proximity of the parallel taxiway. It is particularly important when the tower is closed.


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