Membership card issued in Januarry 1958

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We are always looking for potential new members to join the Smoke Eagles. If you are looking for the absolute best deal anywhere and the most affordable pricing then contact us!

  • Computerized scheduling – On the web, and apps available! View schedule.
  • No daily minimums! Take the plane for the day or week, pay only for what you fly!
  • Low hourly rate based on tach time and not Hobbs! Ground time is only about 30% of clock time! Tach makes it even less expensive to fly!
  • Fly at cost! We are a non-profit!
  • Fuel cost reimbursement.
  • 24/7/365 access to the planes using your own keys!
  • Low buy-in, 100% refundable if you leave!
  • FAA currency and club checkout required.
  • Members must be licensed pilots. No student pilots.
  • Maximum of 30 members.
  • Membership buy-in required, refundable upon resignation and membership position filled.
  • Volunteer Obligation of six hours of work (washes, marketing, maintenance, support, events) or by payment.

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